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Performance management

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SMARTrials®. Smart Study Sites Management

There are many CTMS systems that help research teams conduct clinical trials. However, most CTMS systems are not integrated and do not support clinical research site managers in conducting business-oriented and research-oriented activities simultaneously.


SMARTrials®, Clinical Trials Management Platform (CTMP) fulfills this function.


It integrates all key processes on a single platform, enabling the planning, monitoring, evaluation, and improvement of both site business efficiency and clinical trial quality.

At the heart of clinical research lies the well-being of patients and their families. To deliver exceptional patient services, superior management is essential.


SMARTrials® empowers you to elevate your patient recruitment and retention strategies with our proven tools. By strengthening your managerial capabilities, you can effectively advance your patient-centered mission.


Our focus on organizational performance management ensures that patient care remains the top priority.


By optimizing your operations, you can dedicate more resources to providing exceptional experiences for your patients.

Clinical research is a noble pursuit, but it is also a real business. Study Sites and Site Management Organizations (SMOs) are the backbone of this industry, and their success hinges on strong business practices.


Just like any other business, growth, and expansion for Study Sites and SMOs depend on effective management. Quality clinical services are directly tied to the management systems in place. When these organizations operate sustainably and with sound economic principles, it translates to higher quality and more efficient clinical research services for everyone.


This is where SMARTrials® comes in. We offer unique, industry-proven performance management tools designed specifically for both individual and networked Study Sites.


These tools empower you to scale and expand your operations while simultaneously enhancing quality, compliance, and organizational efficiency.

Outstanding leadership thrives with the right tools. 


SMARTrials® empowers you to streamline operations, optimize resources, and unlock hidden synergies across clinical, financial, and business aspects.


Gain complete control from a single, intuitive dashboard - anytime, anywhere. 


Elevate your patient experience and business performance with powerful management levers at your fingertips.

Razor Sharp Study Site Management

Gain instant insights on your management dashboard with key indicators for fast situation analysis and informed decision-making.


Customize the information displayed and notification settings to fit your needs.

Make informed decisions instantly with real-time data at your fingertips.


Manage your study sites and projects with complete confidence, knowing your choices are based on the latest information.

Proactively adapt your resources to capitalize on emerging opportunities and maximize potential benefits.


Maintain a constant awareness of your resources, strengths, and areas for improvement.

Make bold decisions for your development path, fueled by a thorough understanding of the current landscape.

In command of your business, you can fully dedicate your focus to delivering exceptional value to your patients and their families

The effectiveness of your team hinges on the tools you equip them with. Empower them to take ownership of patient care and business success.

Reap Opportunities of Networked Study Sites

Simplify Complexity

Simplify Complexity

Struggling to manage a complex network of sites with multiple projects running concurrently? A proven solution is at your fingertips. Automate management processes and free yourself to focus on achieving your goals.

Stay in Control

Stay in Control

Gain complete visibility across your entire network. No more sacrificing oversight for individual sites. Access real-time data with your desired level of detail - all at your fingertips.

Synchronize Site Progress

Synchronize Site Progress

Maintaining operational efficiency has never been easier in history. You easily identify which sites are keeping up and which need help. React immediately to problems as soon as they arise.

Leverage Network Advantages

Leverage Network Advantages

Unlock the full potential of your clinical research network. Streamline operations with centralized information and standardized processes. Leverage each site’s strengths and accelerate research timelines. Reach a wider, more diverse patient pool.

Expand Your Reach

Expand Your Reach

Seamlessly integrate new clinical study sites into your network with the standardized management system.

Maintain Financial Visibility

Maintain Financial Visibility

Gain complete financial transparency. Easily track study, site, and network budgets in real time. Streamline payments and collections.  Effortlessly manage accounts receivable and ensure timely settlements, maintaining strong cash flow.

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